Tips for Staying Safe and Healthy in Nepal

The Khumbu region is a very safe part of Nepal and has very rare incidents of violent crime. This doesn’t mean you should let your guard down. You are in a foreign country and with the amount of travelers streaming through the area on treks theft can happen. It is always a good idea to keep your valuables where you can see them.

Altitude Sickness
Altitude sickness affects even young and healthy people and is a common problem in Khumbu. The symptoms of altitude sickness are dizziness, palpitations and/or severe headaches. If you feel any of these return immediately to lower altitude. Don’t take altitude sickness lightly. It can and does kill people.

Yaks may make a great photo but, like other animals, they are aggressive and unpredictable. Always stand on the mountain side (away from the edge) of the trail to let the yaks pass. Every Sherpa has a tale about trekkers who have moved to the wrong side of the trail to let a herd of yaks pass and been pushed off the edge to there death.

Do not drink the water even if it appears clean and clear. Use iodine tablets, a purifier or boil it. However, Namche and Phortse have a clean water supplies that the locals drink directly from the tap. Even so, this is not a good idea for those who are from foreign countries because your body has not been exposed to the Nepal bacteria. It would probably be okay just to brush your teeth though.

Emergency Situation
There is an emergency rescue center in the Namgyal’s lodge in the village of Machhermo in the Gokyo Valley. It is run by two volunteer doctors. This center is not for common ailments however, it is for emergency situations only.