Upper Dolpo Itinerary

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The interactive profile map shows the Upper Dolpo region plus you can follow the trekking route for the Upper Dolpo Trek.  Also, click the “earth” button in the top right hand corner to see the amazing geography of the Upper Dolpo region in Nepal.  The Upper Dolpo Trek itinerary listed below shows the days needed for the trek plus details for each day of trekking.

Day 01 Arrive at Kathmandu. You will be taken to your hotel.
Day 02 Take a flight from Kathmandu to Nepalganj. Fly to Juphal. Begin trek to Dunai. This will take about 3 hours.
Day 03 Dunai to Tarakot (YALA KOTE) check-post of the licenses/permits. About 6 hours to camp.
Day 04 Tarakot  to Tarap Khola (Lahini Kharka)
Day 05 Tarap Khola to Bivo Cellars (3500m altitude)
Day 06 Hollow Bivo to Dho Tarap (4200m alt.)
Day 07 Stay a day in Dho Tarap for Acclimatization. Day hike to visit the buddhist gombas.
Day 08 Dho to Takse (Numla Phedi)
Day 09 Takse to  Numla Pass/ Camp of Baga
Day 10 Baga It to  Bakhra Kharka
Day 11 Bakhara Kharka to the village of Ringmo
Day 12 Stay in Ringmo for a day. Day hike to Lake Phoksumdo
Day 13 Depart Ringmo and continue trek to Regi Gaon
Day 14 Leave Regi Gaon and continue trek to Roha Gaon (Raktang)
Day 15 Depart Roha Gaon and continue to  Juphal Airport
Day16 Fly from Juphal airport to Nepalganj and on to Kathmandu.