Best Cheap Trekking International Travel Insurance for Solo and Group Treks

Find the best and cheap international travel insurance for your Nepal treks for both solo trekking and group treks.

Let’s just paint a picture. You are Everest trekking up to the base camp of Mount Everest. Along the way a train of Yaks is approaching you. You step to the side, but you have forgotten to go towards the inside of the mountain. The next thing you know you are being forced off the trail by the large hairy beast and falling 20 feet to a rock shelf below. You are alright, but you have twisted and sliced up your ankle and have a few cuts and scrapes. You can no longer continue the trek and need to be rescued. Here is something you might not know – The Nepali Authorities will not even send a rescue helicopter up to you until they have checked to see if you have travel insurance to cover the cost of the rescue.

The same can be said for the Nepali emergency stations. They are there to keep you alive not for long term treatment.

Travel insurance is a lot cheaper than an emergency helicopter ride or an air ambulance ride back home.

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