Who Was the First Man to Climb Mount Everest

“An ordinary person with ordinary qualities” These are the words of the first man to summit Mount Everest – Sir Edmund Hillary. Hillary was from Wellington, New Zealand and was the first man to conquer the summit of Mount Everest in 1953.

Though humble about his history-making feat, Hillary continued to tell his story until his death. After his adventure Hillary stayed in Nepal and worked with the impoverished people of Nepal through his foundation the Himalayan Trust.

Hillary continued his aid to Nepal until his health began to fail and he returned home to New Zealand where he passed away in January of 2008. Hillary died at the  Auckland Hospital from a heart attack.

Hillary wrote “Awe, wonder, humility, pride, exaltation – these surely ought to be the confused emotions of the first men to stand on the highest peak on Earth, after so many others had failed,.” Hillary made this great achievement with the help of his Sherpa, Tenzing Norgaz. They summited Everest  on May 29.

Upon his return to base camp Hillary was heard to say “We knocked the bastard off.  Hillary achieved this feat as a member of a British climbing expedition which prompted Queen Elizabeth II to knight Hillary as one of her first acts as queen.