Stranded Everest Trekkers

KATMANDU, Nepal:  Over  2,000 Nepal trekkers from all over the world are finally being rescued after being stranded in hotels and lodges in the small town of Lukla since October 31. They are being flown back to Kathmandu as the fog lifts.

Autumn is the prime trekking season in the Everest region, and the visitors were on the  Everest Base Camp Trek where  they hike  from Lukla for a week to reach Mount Everest’s base camp at 17,400 feet (5,300 meters). From there they return back to Lukla and fly back to Kathamandu. You can see the entire route here.

If this happens when you are on a Himalayan Mountain Trek our guides will stay with you throughout the duration of the trek. They will make sure that you have adequate food, warmth and shelter until you are able to get a flight out. They will also fly back with you to Kathmandu and take you back to the hotel. With Himalayan Mountain Treks you do not have to worry about any of you accommodations in good weather or bad. The guides will make sure that you are well taken care of until you leave Nepal.