Base Camp of Everest Trek Information

Basic Information: Experience The fifteen day Mt. Everest Base Camp trek departing from Kathmandu and visiting Namche and Tengpoche on your way towards the majestic Mount Everest, the highest peak or mountain in the world. Your trek will take you over breath-taking rivers via suspension bridges and continue up steep ascents as you approach the world’s tallest mountain.Your trek will take you to the small mountain of Kala Pattar which is adjacent to Mount Everest and has jaw-dropping views of the Mount Everest trekking region showcasing some of the world’s other highest peaks above 6,000 meters.

From here most tours start the trek back to Lukla. However, if being at the actual base camp is important to you, continue your journey one extra day. The trek from Lukla to Kala Pattar to Lukla takes a total of 14 days and reaches an elevation of 5545 meters.

Local’s tip: Tibetan Buddhists believe that the mantra om mani padme hum invites blessings from Chenrezig, the deity of compassion. Remember it: It’ll come in handy when you’re wheezing along at 20,000 feet.

Plan It Himalayan Mountain Treks offers all the information you need to get there. Read The Other Side of Everest, by Matt Dickinson (Crown, $8) before you go, or bring it to trace different routes up the mountain while your dal bhat cooks.

Cost: $2495 Per Person (This includes guides that are with you the entire trip and a tour of Kathmandu)