Help Planning Your Everest Base Camp Trek

So you are thinking about trekking to the base camp of Everest in Nepal, but the planning is making your head swim. In fact, you have never traveled to a foreign country or trekked anywhere. What do you do? Don’t worry Himalayan Mountain Treks is here to help. Step one, Pick one of our eight treks, such as Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Circuit or Everest Gokyo Trek. Use our site to make your decision. Once you decide on your destination, fill out this form to customize your trip. If you have any questions feel to email us.

Keep in mind that you will be paying for airfare separately. You can find flight information here. You will also want to purchase travel insurance, by clicking on the banners on the right, in case you can’t make your trip or something happens on your trek that will require medical assistance, rescue or delays.

Remember, Himalayan Mountain Treks’ guides will be with you from airport-to-hotel-to-trek and back so you will not be lost confused or stranded alone in a foreign country.

Enjoy planning your trip of a lifetime. We look forward to hearing from you.