About Us

Himalayan Mountain Treks is an American travel and trekking company based in Gilbert, Arizona.  Our team has been taking on outdoor adventures for over 15 years leading people to amazing places.  I did my own first trek to Mt. Kilimanjaro which was a life changing event.  After that trip, I decided to find a way to make it easier for people to explore this amazing planet.  There is no better place than trekking in Nepal.  Every person I have met who has done the Everest Base Camp Trek, which starts in Kathmandu, claims that this is the best trip they have ever been on.  Nepal is an experience that we want everyone to share.

At Himalayan Mountain Treks, we live an outdoor lifestyle and train for our own treks mostly in the greater Southwest.  The mountains and canyons of Arizona and Southern Utah make a great training ground for the physical challenge of trekking through amazing places like Mount Everest, Annapurna, Manaslu, and more.

nepal trekking guides

Our Trekking Guides on the way to Everest Base Camp

As an American trekking company, we understand the needs of the Western traveler as he or she goes half-way around the world to take on their own great adventure.  This unique insight allows us to deliver the best information on how to travel, proper gear, food preparation and more.  The other important aspect of being an American company is that the people you will be dealing with — to set up your trek and make sure everyone in your party is safe — is American. There is a relief knowing that there will not be any language barrier to overcome setting up a trip overseas. At Himalayan Mountain Treks we work with you to make sure every detail is taken care of to make your adventure a success.

Himalayan Mountain Treks Guides

Our guides live in Nepal and have been guiding trekkers through the Annapurna Circuit or to Mt. Everest Base Camp for over 20 years.  Fluent in English, out guides have the experience you can trust to lead you through a safe and amazing journey.  More than just outdoor guides, out team shares knowledge about the Nepal culture and will take you into the city of Kathmandu for sightseeing and shopping.

Our guides are some of the most qualified on the mountains.  Each guide is certified in first aid, basic and advanced mountaineering skills, low impact environment trekking and more.  Also of importance, our guides pay close attention to the health of each trekker including proper hydration and food.  We are members of the Keep, Himalayan Rescue Association as well as Trekking Agents Association of Nepal.

Our guides have now done thousands of treks throughout Nepal and know the best ways to make your trip a life changing event.

The Himalayan Mountain Treks Difference

We follow low impact trekking methods to lower the impact and allow others to find these amazing places the way we found them.  Our team has been on the leading edge of eco movement in Nepal to reduce of the impact of trekking.  You will find how to support lowering your impact in your introductory packet emailed to you after signing up for a trek.

Just as important as trekker safety is the safety of our guides and porters.  Himalayan Mount Treks is proud to take care of our High Land Porters safety — we look after them as family.  Creating a family atmosphere ensures that everyone is treated with respect and continues to create a successful trekking experience.

We promote the local community by buying our food supplies locally while keeping the food safe for Western travelers.  We also stay along the trail in local inns which provides needed financial support to the area.

Himalayan Mountain Treks offers Nepal trekking through all of the traditional treks. However, for those hardier souls, we do offer custom treks that get you off the beaten path.