Policies and Procedures

Please make all payments by a bank transfer through Google payments. Please make all payments in U.S Dollars.
To reserve your trek/tour and other services with Himalayan Mountain Treks LLC the following conditions apply. A deposit of  20% of the total amount per person (non refundable)is required to hold your trek. We do except last minute bookings if there is room for any departure (up to 2 days before trip date) in a first come, first served basis. In such case all payments can be made through Google payments prior to departure on trek/tour. 


If you cancel after you have made your final payment and it is before the final week of departure you will be charged a 50% of the total cancellation charge.
If you cancel the same day of departure the cancellation charge is 75% of the total amount.

There is no refund in any case after the tour or trek departure
Any permit cost is not refundable according to the law of Nepal Government

Important Notice
All clients & participants must read the following document carefully and agree to all the points detailed therein in order to qualify for participation in any tours, treks, transporatation, or any other forms of activities organized by Himalayan Mountain Treks LLC.

It is understood while undertaking mountain treks, group tours, or any other form of tourism activities, such as expeditions, jungle tours or any other trip or vacation arranged by Himalayan Mountain Treks LLC and its subsidiaries, associates or agents, involves certain risks and dangers. These include but are not limited to:

1. Traveling in mountain terrain, on rivers and in forests and jungle.
2. Travel by aircraft, car, coaches, jeep, boat, canoe, rafts, automobile,elephants, bicycle, or any other means of conveyance.
3. Accidents or illness in remote regions with little or no medical facilities and without means of paid evacuation.
4. Accidents caused by forces of nature.
5. Changes in itinerary due to reasons beyond our control.
6. Cancellation of tour/trek due to circumstances beyond our control.

In consideration of the above, and as part of the payment for the right to participate in such treks, tours or other activities and the services arranged by the aforementioned companies and their subsidiaries, agents, associates and employees, I have and thereby assume all liability actions, causes of actions, suits, debts, demands and claims of every kind and nature whatsoever which I now have or may thereafter arise out of or in connection with the trip or participation in activities arranged for me by the aforementioned companies and their subsidiaries, agents and associates.
I have read this document it serves as a release and assumption of risk and guarantee for myself and my heirs, administrators, executors and all members of my family, including any minors accompanying me.I hereby agree to accept all the above risks dangers and conditions as well as agree to all the Terms and Condition and to pay any and all additional costs that may arise as a result.

Fact Sheet
Our treks, tours and expeditions are personalized to each new group’s desire, or limitation, it is very difficult to publish accurate prices for custom tours. To do so would require that we try to create a basic price, for a specific period of time, and that interests and components be standardized. To us, that does not make for a great adventure of a lifetime.
There are, however, many agencies, which do this. They assemble large groups together, the dates are selected in advance (thereby knowing climate factors and equipped requirements ), there is no deviation from the trip plan, and since they have provided that trip over and over again, they can advertise a price. That is not how we wish to operate. We don’t have routine tours and treks, with such a variety of trails and incredible places to visit why would we ? It won’t cost you any more; in fact, since we are not part of a world wide travel corporation with investors to repay, our excursions are not only more intimate and off the beaten path, but are very affordable.